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Kuijers, David

Kuijers was born on 30 March 1962 in Vanderbijlpark, near Johannesburg, of Dutch immigrant parents.  His father was a part-time artist who painted under the pseudonym B. Arteld.  Surrounded from a very young age by art materials and books, art was always going to be a part of his life.

He entered the Cape Technikon in 1987 studying Graphic Design. David majored in illustration and received the top student award on graduating.

In 1990 he married Dina, a fellow student. After his studies he freelanced as a designer/illustrator but did not enjoy the restrictions the job imposed on him.

During these years he had some success as an artist but not enough to ensure a living. Some large commissions, along with a sell-out first exhibition enabled him to paint full-time from 1999 onwards.

Some notable commissions included;The President Hotel; Sea PointThe Radisson Hotel; Granger BayConstantia Medi ClinicTiger Brand Food Head OfficesDole ExportPrices FoodDa Vinci Hotel, Johannesburg.

In 2002 a book, entitled ‘David Kuijers Paints the Town’was published in Cape Town. In 2004 He worked with British Publishers, DeMontford Fine Art and was included in their Ultimate Collection of that year. David works in a variety of styles and techniques, broadly separated (by himself) into 4 categories according to the techniques employed. There are, however, more strong stylistic variations within these categories.